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Listen like thieves - 1985
1- What you need
2- Listen like thieves
3- Kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)
4- Shine like it does
5- Good and bad times
6- Biting Bullets
7- This time
8- Three sisters
9- Same direction
10- One x one
11- Red red sun
Editado en agosto de 1985, este álbum fue el primero en certificar como platino en USA.
Producido por: Chris Thomas
Grabado en: Rhinoceros Studios
Ingeniero de sonido: Steve Churchyard
Mezclado en: Air Studio, London


What You Need
(A.Farriss & M.Hutchence)

Hey, here is the story
Forget about your troubles in life
Don't you know it's not easy
When you've gotta walk upon that line
That's why
You need
That's what
This is what you need
I'll give you what you need
Don't you get sad and lonely
You need a change from what you do all day
Ain't no sense in all your crying
Just pick it up and throw it into shape
Hey you won't you listen
This is not the end of it all
Don't you see there is a rhythm
I'll take you where you really need to be

Listen Like Thieves

On the talk back show
On the radio
At the local bar
In the hot traffic by the red tail lights
Everybody's down on their knees
Listen like thieves
But who needs that
When it's all in your hands
And we take it down
To the end of town
Where they have control
But they're losing touch when the lights go out
Everybody's down on their knees
Listen like thieves for the end signs
But who needs that when you've got it all in your hands
It's all in your hands
It's all in your hands
You are all you need
You are all you need
And that is everything
So don't hesitate
There's no time to waste
You just do it for yourself
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)

(A.Farriss & M.Hutchence)

Playing in the dirt

We find the seeds of doubt
Don't water them with your tears
Don't think about all the years
You'd rather be without
Eden lets me in
I find the seeds of love
And climb upon the highwire
I kiss and tell all my fears
Falling down the mountain
End up kissing dirt
Look a little closer
Sometimes it wouldn't hurt
Playing in the dirt
We find the seeds of fun
And we scream like alleycats
Tearing down what we attack
To prove that we are one
Cutting through the night
And we find the seeds of lust
And lose our minds on one intent
These passions never seem to end

Shine Like it Does

(A.Farriss & M.Hutchence)

This is the power

Since time began
Every single hour
That we have known
And from each moment
All that is left
Sleep of the innocent
Just one desire
Shine like it does
Into every heart
Shine like it does
And if you're looking
You will find it
This is the story
Since time began
There will come a day
When we will know

Good and Bad Times

(K.Pengilly & M.Hutchence)

You must have heard of all the rules

Thick and thin teaches you hard
And all the tricks come back on you
Leave them behind
There's a better way
A better way
All along you must have known
Where your life was leading
The good and bad times
Where your life was leading

And I know you've been through hell
Yes I know all about it
And I've seen your cool white face
But I can't seem to care about it
Care about it

Biting Bullets

(K.Pengilly & M.Hutchence)

Don't you wonder

Is anyone that strong
It takes me under
Believing what I'm seeing
I get so tired of watching friends go down
The hungry tiger for all who never began
Biting bullets
Biting the clouds
Biting bullets
Biting the clouds
I saw the show
Shaking all the babies
Should I believe the parade of clever lies
Shadow of light in the shadow of death
There is no difference to all who never began
There was a time
There was a way to live
And it's no secret
That it won't come back again
I lose myself like anybody else
But I'm not so strong to make it in the end
I need some answers when the day comes crashing down
'Cause it's all over when there's no one to be found

This Time

I will believe you
If you say it's true
Girl you know I need you more than any word spoken
I've seen you before
Turn and walk away
You say you won't come back
It's just a game anyway
We are hoping
Yes and we're praying
This time
Will be the last time
That we will fight like this
We are always wanting
Things we cannot find
You know that we are always wasting time
You know I can forget
We have fought before
I've seen inside your heart
And I know it's breaking

Three Sisters


Same Direction

(A.Farriss & M.Hutchence)

And we all just need the same things

I tell you what I know
We're heading in the same direction
So never let it go
There are few of us
Who will never know
We're counting on every day
I'm not sure about
You're not sure about
Why things are going this way
Believe it
You can see it
I will turn around
Try to understand
All of the feelings unsaid
If you're serious love is dangerous
It changes my world every day
One by One

(A.Farriss & M.Hutchence)

And when your heart stops beating
And the stars stop shining
When all your tears go dry
Honey one by one
I will still be there
I will sing your song
And come to you
All night long
And is this all that it seems
'Cause this is all that we need
When all the thorns are cut away
Baby one by one
Will you still be there
Will you sing my song
And come with me
All night long
And all your kisses linger
Like they always do
Let all that spirit in you
Take it to the end
I will still be there
I will sing your song
And come to you all night long

Red Red Sun

(J. Farriss & A.Farriss)

There's a red red sun

And I'm thinking of you
I tell it a story
And it sinks out of view
One sun apart
One heart within
Red sun shines on
Sees no tomorrow
Sees no tomorrow
There's a girl far away
And she's calling my name
With a tower of love
And a shadow of pain
There's a red red sun
And it's coming for you
To waken your heart
Like you know I always will do


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